We are all about delivering results,  building solid & strategic relationships and implementing and executing profitable strategies for NEW media & TECHNOLOGY ventures!

At Strategico TV Group we are committed to building strategic alliances with our clients and achieving their revenue and financial objectives.  We achieve such goals by helping them identify needs and anticipate the steps require to achieve them. 


Our expertise is in the US Hispanic and Latin American markets with a sales, marketing, PR executive and advisory team with a proven track record in launching content and technology ventures,  developing and executing branding, distribution, advertising, content, marketing, business development  and exit strategies.  We have succesful launched Tech Ventures, Pay TV Networks,  SVOD - OTT platforms.  We have assisted our clients in formulating and executed content licensing strategies.  We provide market intelligence and analyze competitors strategies.   


We develop and implement grassroots, DMA,  National and Pan-Regional Branding Campaigns;  Targeted and sold multimillion dollar ad sales campaigns; conducted due dilligence and facilitate the sales of networks and technology projects.  We have formulated and implement B2B and B2C strategies. We have been involved in developing ad and go to market strategies for Real Estate, Insurance-Fiancial Services, Hospitality, Consumer Goods Product for companies looking to establish their brand and target clients, demonstrating greater ROI and quantifying results. 


We currently participate in the management of Cinema Uno, an SVOD and TVOD platform in Mexico, Interactivo3,  an OTT and SVOD Consultancy and Turn Key Tech Venture and Strategico TV which focuses on representing SVOD content and Pay TV Networks that originate in Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean and the US.  We have established relationships with Pay TV, Telcos - Mobile Operartors, IPTV and Programmers in the US. Latin America and Europe.   


We are committed to provide our providers, operators and all clients with outstanding service and helping them achieve their revenue and P&L objectives, while keep it them informed of changes in market conditions !